Orange Fellowship $25k Grant

Orange DAO is the strongest community of seasoned builders in Web3. We're empowering members to get them building with a $25K grant.

10 Week Explore & Build Sprint

Develop your idea in a cohort of YC alumni, meeting weekly to share your progress, goals, and challenges.We bring in DAO members & partners to provide tactical support and remove blockers. You'll share your achievements at our private demo day.

Early stage?
That's Perfect!

60% of Season 1 participants only had an idea when they applied - no working prototype.Those who want to continue their building journey receive fundraising support and we'll help you get into top accelerator programs.

Fellowship Reviews

“The Orange Fellowship gave me my first check and connected me with my first customer. It's been all upwards from there!”"The Fellowship was an incredible way to kick start a company with other driven, smart people who are also on Day 0."“If you are looking for the right environment to take a bet and build something in the web3 space, I would recommend applying to the fellowship and use the DAO’s reach.”

Now is your time

Deadline: Thursday, Jan 19th Midnight PST

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